Our responsibility work is continuous development. We assess and aim to manage the impacts of our operations on both stakeholders and the environment.


Our safety priorities are ensuring the safety of our personnel and production, as well as the safety of our products. We have also a social responsibility to do our share in ensuring safe and clean food for people.


The management and minimization of our environmental impact is ongoing work. We can reduce environmental impacts by both improving our production efficiency and developing solutions to customers that help them reduce their own environmental footprint.


We have been a part of the local history for over half a century. The community and its members have contributed to our growth. We want to strengthen the vitality of our home region for the decades to come


Our family business heritage and decades of experience guide our growth plans. We seek sustainable and profitable growth in new market areas by developing innovative products in collaboration with our customers and by continuously developing both our tools and expertise to meet the market demand.

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