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Mepu Oy has designed and manufactured quality products in Finland since 1952. It is known for its grain-handling equipment and is definitely at the forefront of its field. Mepu offers one of the widest and most comprehensive product ranges for grain handling topped with design, project management, and maintenance services. Mepu has also a strong presence in foreign markets, and its products have gained a lot of satisfied customers around Europe. Mepu is part of the Arska Group.

Mepu´s automated production facility guarantees efficient and reliable operation. The operation is based on SFS-EN ISO 9001 quality system and the bearing structures of our products, in turn, lean on SFS-EN ISO 3834-3 welding requirements. Mepu follows the essential requirements of SFS-EN ISO 14001 environmental standards and occupational health and safety regulations of OHSAS 18001:fi.

Mepu's experts provide a strong experience in the field. They have extensive experience in the agricultural industry and are familiar with the structures and requirements of modern grain handling systems. The continuous research and development work produces innovations. We believe that strong customer relationships and high-quality products are the cornerstones of success. This belief will continue to guide our work with farmers and industrial agriculture.

70 years of guaranteed quality

Our factory and its grain drying and storage units, the beautiful "oat churches", have become a part of the landscape in the fields of Southwest Finland. The fields are not only the result of a thousand-year-old tradition of grain growing and harvesting but they also tell a story of the decades-long development work Mepu has done to improve the efficiency of grain handling processes.

1952 Metalli ja Puhallin Oy started its business in Uusikaupunki, manufacturing industrial fans and dryers.

1972 Move to Yläne. Products included fans, filters, extractors and fixed fuel boilers.

1982 Production of mobile dryers began.

1987 The shares of Metalli ja Puhallin Oy were sold to Datcity Patron Oy. The company was renamed Mepu Oy.

1991 Rautaruukki Oy bought Patron Oy. Erkki Väänänen bought all shares of Mepu Oy.

1992 Export business started, yearly production of machines rose to almost 100.

2003 Prifin Oy bought Mepu Oy.

2006 The new retailer network Y-Maatalous began selling Mepu products.

2009 The Canadian company Ag Growth International bought Mepu Oy.

2014 K-Maatalous began selling and marketing Mepu products.

2016 Arskametalli Oy bought Mepu Oy, production continued in Yläne

2023 Mepu became member of Arska Group

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