Chain conveyors

JEMA conveyors can easily be fitted into any conveying installation

JEMA conveyors are made of a strong galvanized material, which makes them particularly suitable for outdoor applications. Conveyors are designed for transportation of grain and other bulk goods. A quality roller chain fitted with rubber or synthetic carriers ensures that all material transport is conducted quietly, safely and effectively.

Conveyors work in a horizontal position and with an upward curve. They’re efficient in both versions and have a low power consumption in relation to their capacity.

All parts are made with a CNC machine, so they all fit perfectly into each other. As a result, installation is simple. The manufacturer has pre-set 40% of it’s maximum output.

Capacity based on 750 kg/m3 (wheat) [t / h]3060105150
Capacity [m3 / h]4080140200
RPM [1 / min]18018045 / 6045 / 60
Chain speed [m / s]1,11,10,79 / 0,990,79 / 0,99
Chain length [mm]41,441,4125125
Tensile strength (dyn.) [kN]min. 17,8min. 17,8118118
Carrier materialrubberrubberPEHD 1000PEHD 1000
Thickness: drive station [mm]3333
Thickness: tightening section [mm]3 / 1,53 / 1,533
Thickness: other parts [mm]1,51,533

T44/T45 Intake conveyors

standard equipment

  • Directly mounted gear motor
  • Torque arm for shock absorption
  • 90° outlet hopper in drive station
  • Tensioner, inspection and cleaning hatches in drive station and tightening section
  • Adjustable plates in the inlet troughs


  • Power transmission with V-belts
  • 45° upward curve
  • Tipping hopper

T49/T57 Horizontal conveyors

standards equipment

  • Directly mounted gear motor
  • Outlet hopper in drive station
  • Inspection hatch in drive station and tightening section
  • Inlet


  • Intermediate outlet
  • Shutter in drive station / tightening section
  • Wire suspension
  • Speed control


Fair warranties

8 years

Heat exchangers

5 years

Grain dryers

5 years


5 years


1 year

Electrical parts