Tandem double dryers

Tandem combines two dryer machines with joint frames and heat source

A tandem double dryer has two dryers combined into one frame to create a dual batch dryer. The dryer operates with a 4-way divider which is connected to the heat source and the cooling fan. Grain dries in one dryer while the second is being cooled, emptied and refilled.

Both dryers have their elevators for recycling and discharging. For filling there’s a third elevator. The machinery consists of two Special models.

Tandem2 x 2,5+32 X 3,5+32 X 4,5+4
Capacity [t / h]7,89,412,6
Total volume [m3]38,644,056,6
Heat cell volume [m3]13,418,824,2
Storage container volume [m3]21,621,628,8
Dryer height [m]10,812,614,5
Elevator min. height [m]
/ fill elevator min. height [m]
/ 13
/ 14
/ 16
Elevator [model] *A68A68A68
Fuse size [A] *253550
* Recommendation. Drying capacities calculated with wheat with 85°C drying air temperature, moisture content from 18% to 14%. Filling, cooling and discharge times are not included. Capacities stated are to be considered as guidelines only. Other volumes also available!




Fair warranties

8 years

Heat exchangers

5 years

Grain dryers

5 years


5 years


1 year

Electrical parts