Efficient grain sorting and pre-cleaning

The affordable, quiet and and efficient Arska sorter is equipped with a rotary screening drum ensuring uniform sorting results. The sorter is small in size but large in capacity. The sorter is easy to install and to use. The unit can be installed to the upper part of a square silo for example.

The sorter includes a separate pre-cleaner based on the rising air principle, which separates dust and other impurities from grain, peas, and rapeseed with equal efficiency. The speed and inclination angle of screening drums available in several screen hole sizes can be adjusted steplessly while the machine is in operation.

2 x 20mmØ8mmSGPR
2 x 20mmØ10mmSG
2 x 20mm4 x 15mmPR
2 x 20mm5 x 30mmPR
2,3 x 20mmØ8mmSGSGSGSG
2,3 x 20mmØ10mmSGSGSGSG
2,3 x 20mm4 x 15mmSGSGSG
2,5 x 20mmØ8mmMB / SGSG
2,5 x 20mmØ10mmMB / SGSG
2,5 x 20mm4 x 15mmMB / SGSG
2,7 x 20mmØ8mmMB / SG
2,7 x 20mmØ10mmMB / SG
5 x 30mmØ10mmPR / SG
5 x 30mmØ12mmPR / SG
5 x 30mmØ15mmPR / SG
Ø3mm4 x 15mmPR
3,2 x 20mmØ8mm / Ø10mmSeparation of ergot or spelt PR / SG
3,4 x 20mmØ8mm / Ø10mmSeparation of ergot or spelt PR / SG
SG, Seed grading
PR, Preparation
MB, Malting barley

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