Seed cleaners

Easy separation of impurities with a seed cleaner

An affordable and reliable seed cleaner separates broken grains, weed seeds, and other impurities from the grain during cleaning, which the pre-cleaner does not separate. The device is available for Ø200 and Ø250 pipes. The seed cleaner is also suitable for other brands of dryers!

A standard seed cleaner is equipped with a sampling hatch and a grain guide plate. Fixed, 2mm, and 2.5mm sieves are also standard for all seed cleaners.

All sieve sizes and grain recommendations:

  • 1.8mm: oats, barley
  • 2.0mm: oats, barley
  • 2.2mm: oats, barley, wheat, rye
  • 2.5mm: barley, wheat
  • 3.0mm: rapeseed
  • 4.0mm: pea, broad bean
  • 5.0mm: pea, broad bean

WiSDOM technology radically reduce pathogen with blue light

The WiSDOM SEED technology, developed in collaboration between LED Tailor and Arskametalli, uses chemical-free blue light to combat pathogens on the surface of seeds. Efficient blue lights are attached to the seed cleaner, which do not produce any harmful UV radiation. The lighting technology has been awarded in the international Quality Innovation Awards competition.

Blue light has been tested (with dry grain): On crops: red mold (Fusarium) On special crops (oil crops, flax, quinoa): gray mold On barley: mesh patch With wheat: spotted patch

What makes MWHI special?

The patent-pending Multi-Wavelength, High-Intensity (MWHI) blue light technology uniquely combines two or more antimicrobial wavelengths of visible blue light: 405 nm + 430-470 nm.

Spectral Blue disinfection devices emit antimicrobial visible blue light. Whereas harmful ultraviolet radiation damages DNA on all organisms, the antimicrobial effect of visible blue light is completely different. It is based on activating light-absorbing compounds that are found inside all microbial cells but not in human cells.  The antimicrobial effect of blue light is based on activating light-absorbing compounds found in microbial cells but not in human cells. This UV-free and LED-based light produced by the device kills microbes fast but is completely safe for people and materials.

Read more from MHWI:

Customer testimonial

Our customer Mats did a test on his 2017 oat harvest, where high DON values ​​were found. The crop was tested on a “before and after” basis. In the first test, the DON value of the oat was 3.75, and after the Wisdom treatment, the value was below 0.5. The value of the crop increased with the Wisdom Seed’s light treatment.

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