Intake hoppers

The Arska range includes small and large hoppers to meet the needs of all customers. We offer drive-over hoppers, self-supporting hoppers equipped with chain conveyors and traditional intake pits for square silo systems.

Tipping hopper 1x3 m

The compact, ready-to use tipping hopper is equipped with 1,5kW auger, which transfers grain gently to the elevator. Volume 1,2m3.

JEMA dry pit intake hopper

Dry Pit has been developed to provide optimal conditions for servicing and avoiding water in the hopper. Assembly by bolt joints is easy and quick. DRY PIT is produced in a walk-over and a drive-over version.

The steel pit must hang in a concrete pit with vertical sides. Intake hopper has a standard width of 3m and it’s available in three depths. Full length depends on the model of the conveyor, model and position of the elevator.


  • Simple assembly, easy service access
  • Optimal protection against water
  • Made of 3 – 4mm galvanized steel
  • Fits with JEMA T45-, T49- and T57-conveyors
  • Walk-over and in a drive-over versions


Fair warranties

8 years

Heat exchangers

5 years

Grain dryers

5 years


5 years


1 year

Electrical parts