Square silo systems

Square silo is home for the dryer and storage for the grain

There are suitable models both for a ranch feed grain drying and storaging as for a large farm’s commercial harvest handling. If needed, it’s possible to organize the space for a sorting facility into a same building. Element structured silos work as side walls of the Arska square silo. Number of silos and total height will vary according to the size of the square silo.

Designed according to customer’s wishes and needs

Machinery and the construction elements are made of high quality raw materials with professional manners and experience. Outer surfaces of the wall elements can also be supplied painted.

Square silo is most favorable to construct on the slope terrain to accomplish the convenient emptying and use of space. Drive-under silo shutters are directed diagonally towards the car platform below. Square silo constructed on flat terrain is emptied with an elevator.

Malli 4×3 / siilot 6+2

With 2m elements

Base size 8,55 x 6,44m
5 layers / volume 138,8m3
6 layers / volume 169,2m3

With 2,5m elements

Base size 10,55 x 7,94m
6 layers / volume 250,4m3
7 layers / volume 296,8m3

Malli 4×4 / siilot 10+2

With 2m elements

Base size 8,55 x 8,55m
7 layers / volume 299,6m3
8 layers / volume 345,2m3
9 layers / volume 390,8m3

With 2,5m elements

Base size 10,55 x 10,55m
7 layers / volume 468,4m3
8 layers / volume 538,0m3
9 layers / volume 607,6m3

Malli 4×5 / siilot 14+2

With 2m elements

Base size 8,55 x 10,66m
7 layers / volume 414,4m3
8 layers / volume 472,0m3
9 layers / volume 529,6m3

With 2,5m elements

Base size 10,55 x 13,16m
7 layers / volume 640,0m3
8 layers / volume 732,8m3
9 layers / volume 825,6m3


  • Grid for intake pit
  • Double or slide doors
  • Manhole for silo top or side
  • Heater room
  • Stairs

Fair warranties

8 years

Heat exchangers

5 years

Grain dryers

5 years


5 years


1 year

Electrical parts