MW mobile dryers

MW-mobile dryer is equipped with an efficient vacuum heater

Designed for large harvest areas, MW mobile dryers are equipped with energy efficient vacuum heaters and also with powerful and gentle JEMA bottom conveyors.

Highly efficient centrifugal or axial fans ensure that the drying is cost-effective. The dryer is electrified and ready by the manufacturer with its standard equipment. Machinery is a Farmi-Magnum model.

Capacity [t / h]7,89,49,412,612,617,4
Total volume [m3]50,057,266,273,482,489,6
Heat cell volume [m3]17,825,025,032,232,239,4
Storage container volume [m3]27,027,036,036,045,045,0
Dryer height [m]9,110,011,011,912,813,7
Elevator min. height [m]14,015,016,017,018,018,5
Elevator [model] *A92A92A92A118A118A118
Heater [model] *5500S7000S7000S8000S8000S2 x 5500S
Fuse size [A] *5050508080100
* Recommendation. Drying capacities calculated with wheat with 85°C drying air temperature, moisture content from 18% to 14%. Filling, cooling and discharge times are not included. Capacities stated are to be considered as guidelines only. Other volumes also available!



Fair warranties

8 years

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5 years

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5 years


5 years


1 year

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