SW mobile dryers

SW mobile dryers now with even more standard equipment

The mobile dryer works without a bottom conveyor. The structure allows the elevator to provide full discharge power. Also, the possible damage to grain is reduced.

SW mobile dryer is cost-effective, quickly assembled and easy to move from one place to another. The dryer is electrified and ready by the manufacturer with its standard equipment. Machinery is a Magnum model.

SW1,5 + 1,52,5 + 22,5 + 2,53,5 + 33,5 + 44,5 + 44,5 + 5
Capacity [t / h]2,83,93,94,74,76,36,3
Total volume [m3]14,420,522,528,633,136,741,2
Heat cell volume [m3]5,38,98,912,512,516,116,1
Storage container volume [m3]6,59,011,013,518,018,022,5
Dryer height [m]6,57,98,39,710,711,612,5
Elevator min. height [m]9,811,311,813,314,615,616,6
Elevator [model] *A68A68A68A68A92A92A92
Pre-cleaner [model] *A200A200A200A200A250A250A250
Heater [model] *3000S4000S4000S6000S6000S6500S6500S
Fuse size [A] *25252535355050
* Recommendation. Drying capacities calculated with wheat with 85°C drying air temperature, moisture content from 18% to 14%. Filling, cooling and discharge times are not included. Capacities stated are to be considered as guidelines only. Other volumes also available!

Standard equipment

  • Elevator
  • Elevator service platform and supports
  • Motored 3-way divider
  • Overpressure heater
  • Control panel
  • Pre-cleaner
  • Bottom fan 1.5kW
  • Service platform and ladder
  • Supply cable 10m
  • Circulate piping
  • Rain covers for burner, elevator and pre-cleaner
  • Work lights
  • Frame steps and railings


Fair warranties

8 years

Heat exchangers

5 years

Grain dryers

5 years


5 years


1 year

Electrical parts