Control systems

A new era of intelligent dryer control

Mepu control systems are flexible and safe to use. Owing to reliable systems, use of the dryer plants is easy and smooth. The dryer control systems are tailored to the customer’s needs. The various options available range from traditional drying automatics to fully automatic control systems.

At Mepu, we invest in the future of intelligent drying (Grain Awareness), where all operations are based on automatic data collection and development. With intelligent drying programs, the system performs the desired functions according to the grain variety, optimizing drying to its peak in cost-effectiveness. The end result is the best possible grain.

Drying Automationxxx
Recyclating batch dryingxxx
Drying programs for different grain varieties (Drying recipes)xxx
Notifications and alerts (requires internet connection)oxx
Real-time monitoring (requires internet connection)oxx
Intelligent dryer control (variable drying management)-xx
Data report and seasonal summary-xx
Grain Cloud App: facility equipment base, data collection, stock records and remote monitoring--x
Real-time data of storage and drying--o
Speed control in grain transfer (BlockControl) (requires frequency converters or motored shutters)--o
Grain Control moisture measurement system, can be calibrated for different grain varieties, Read more from Grain Controlooo
Touch screen 4″ + control buttonsx--
Touch screen 7″ (also available options 9” or 12”)-x-
Touch screen 15″--x
x = standard equipment | o = option

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