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Our grain handling solutions are proven to have the best energy efficiency and dust control on the market. We offer turnkey solutions for modern grain handling. In addition to high-quality and high-performance products, our service covers design, project, and maintenance services. As evidence of our expertise, we have satisfied customers around the world. We deliver solutions as promised on time, and you can rely on our ability to provide innovative and energy-efficient solutions for grain handling.

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FJÖRD, SWEDEN: Complete renewal of exiating grain handling equipment.

customer story

ZS RIEKSTINI, LATVIA. Fully automated control over the facility with remote control.

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Revolutionizing Sustainable Grain Drying Heat

Our tests have shown that the Bio Heating Container can transform its wood chip fuel to heat at an extraordinary efficiency. The Bio Heating Container gets its name from the environmentally friendly fuel used to power the furnace. Wood chips are a renewable energy source and the clean burning of the furnace ensures a minimal CO2 footprint. Mepu’s portable bioheat system is a ready-made and very fuel-efficient solution that can be placed almost anywhere without major modifications.


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Preparing grain silos for harvest

Seven steps to get your grain silos ready for harvest With these instructions, you will ensure that your grain silos are ready at the start of the season. Do these checks on…

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Inner cone silo 30° – a New Product from MEPU

The methodology of storing grains has always raised a series of questions and dilemmas. Whether to build a square silos or round silos? And if round silos, should they be flat-bottomed or…

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Visit our stand at Borgeby Fältdagar 26.-27.6.2024

Welcome to discuss the future of grain handling with our salespeople Torben Jepsen and Patrik Jungarå. At the fair, we will present our new silo with an inner cone 30°, which is…

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