Bio heaters

Affordable and renewable energy

Bioenergy can replace environmentally harmful and expensive fuels, such as oil. By using renewable biofuels, we can secure a clean, vibrant and self-sufficient world for future generations. You can burn for example wood chips, peat, pellets and grain-cleaning waste with the bio heaters.

An environmentally friendly and durable bio heater enables significant savings in energy costs. The higher the moisture level of the grain is, the larger the savings. The efficiency of the Mepu bio system’s heat exchanger is excellent.

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Fuel energy amounts (comparison)

Burnt peat 
Dry wood chips
Wood pellet
11,630,810,270,131 300
1,23210,330,161 600
3,694,88310,484 800
7,6912,56,252,08110 000

Bio heater for affordable heat

Mepu bio heaters can be easily integrated into grain drying systems, a greenhouse or any other space that needs warm air. The fan configuration can be settled when ordering.

Economical bio heaters can be equipped with biofuel burner systems from different Finnish manufacturers, which own easy-to-use logic control takes care of the system’s operations. Flue gas fan is adjusted with a frequency converter.

model200 kW300-400 kW650 kW950 kW
Burner [kW]200300-400650950
Fan [kW]5.5 / 7.57.5 / 1111 / 1515 / 18,5
Flue gas fan [kW]
Air amount [m3 / h]17 000 / 21 50021 500 / 24 50024 500 / 34 00034 000 / 36 000


Mepu’s portable bioheat system is a ready-made and very fuel-efficient solution that can be placed almost anywhere without major modifications. Delivered already electrified.

The bioheat container is equipped with a Säätötuli burner (manufactured by Ariterm Service Oy), known for its efficiency. Cast iron and ceramics are durable materials that guarantee a long service life of the burner.

The strong and durable pull bar feeder is equipped with a galvanized fuel storage bin, which size can be increased with additional layers. The pull bar feeder is available in two sizes: 2×2m (7-9m3) or hydraulic 3×3m (16-19m3).


  • Bio heater, flue piping, flue gas fan, pull bar feeder, fuel storage
  • Burner with automatic ignition
  • Mechanical ash removal
  • Main fan with frequency converter
  • GSM-alarm as standard equipment
  • Fire and heat insulated (EI60)

Ash container

A light, strong and compact Mepu ash container for easy ash storage is available as an accessory. Corrosion-resistant structure, easy discharging, lift brackets at the corners and forklift pockets as standard. Fill hatch on top for Ø160 piping. Container dimensions 109 x 111 x 93cm.

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