Complete grain handling solutions

Mepu's quality products have been designed and manufactured in Finland since 1952! We are known for our robust grain handling equipment and our know-how is at the forefront of our field. We have always been known for our customer orientation and reliability.

We know the requirements of modern grain handling systems, not least because of our personnel's vast experience in the agricultural sector. Mepu offers one of the widest and most complete product ranges for grain processing. Our experts provide their expertise to you in the field of design, project management and maintenance.

The best possible solution

Mepu offers one of the widest and most complete product ranges for grain processing. Our experts offer their experience for you in terms of design, project management and maintenance.

Guaranteed results

We know grain handling

Mepu has been proven to have the best energy efficiency and dust management on the market. We are a genuine partner.

Project certainty

As a proof of our expertise we have thousands of references around the world. We deliver promised solutions on time. And you can always count on us to stay updated.

Sustainable operation

We adhere to strict requirements regarding environmental friendliness in our operations.

Project Management Services

Through project management, we ensure the success of the project, if necessary, with a turnkey approach from planning to commissioning and handover. Project management ensures the synchronization of schedules and deliveries of goods to ensure an efficient construction process. With project management, we ensure that the project progresses runs smoothly and according to plans.

Our sales team, with decades of experience in grain handling, wants to listen and ensure that even the smallest details are taken into account in the planning, and the solutions serve the specific needs of your facility.

Our design team transform the project into a visual form, allowing us to offer the customer very clear and detailed 3D drawings of the project. The drawings are also a great help during the installation phase.

If necessary, you also have access to the services of a chief designer and a responsible site manager within the framework of a separate agreement.

For us at Mepu, the most important thing is that the project progresses as smoothly as possible from the customer's perspective. The account manager is your personal contact from the very beginning, throughout the installation process, and up to the final inspection. If you have any questions along the way, the account manager is available and ready to help.

Project Phases

1. Nees Assessment

Every facility has unique needs. We take this into account and tailor the best possible project solution specifically for your facility. During the need assessment, we go through the project schedule, process flow, and explain how the investment will give you the greatest possible result.
From a clearly structured proposal, you can see what the investment consists of and the additional services you we can offer. Attached to the proposal, you will receive detailed technical specifications of the proposed solution.

2. Design & Project Management

A successful and smooth project starts with careful planning. Our projects are custom-made for each customer using the latest design software. We turn our customer's desires into realistic 3D drawings. Our production turns the 3D images into reality for the customer.
Each customer is assigned a personal project contact person who is responsible for documentation, schedules, and many administrative tasks.

3. Installation

We offer safe and cost-effective installation services according to your wishes. The project can be delivered as a turnkey solution, where Mepu is responsible for the entire project from foundations to finishing and commissioning. In addition to comprehensive installation services, it is also possible to carry out partial mechanical and electrical installation.

We also provide transportation services for parts to the installation site.

4. Commissioning

Upon completion of the project, we conduct a thorough final inspection and trial run of the dryer with the customer. We provide documentation of the project and hand over the completed, approved facility to the customer.

The main goal of all projects is to have a satisfied and happy customer in the end.

5. Maintenance & Spare Parts

Flexible maintenance and fast availability of spare parts is vital for farmers, especially during the busiest months of the year. Mepu's maintenance covers the whole country, and original spare parts are quickly available from our own warehouse. Parts can also be easily ordered anytime from our online store (Latvia, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Finland)

It will be a pleasure to start this journey together!

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