Elevators and chain conveyors

Reliable complete solutions

We provide a versatile range of conveyors to meet the customers' various capacity and automation requirements. Together with other Mepu products for grain handling, our selection of high-quality elevators and chain conveyors form a functional and reliable complete solution ensuring maximum conveyance efficiency.

Our product range includes Skandia Elevators, along with a Mepu elevator range that is manufactured in Finland. Our wide selection of elevators and chain conveyors provides solutions for both small to medium-sized farms and large-scale agricultural and industrial facilities.

All conveyor products are made of galvanized steel, which means they are also ideally suited for outdoor use.

Skandia Elevator


L-series 30 – 60t

L series is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized farms where grain processing mainly takes place during the harvesting period (annual amount of grain processed under 30 000t).


I-series 40 – 120t

I series is intended for medium-sized and large farms, drying plants and commercial grain storage facilities where grain is handled on year-round basis (annual amount of grain processed 30 000 – 50 000t).


H-series 60 – 600t

H series is intended for large farms and industrial applications, continuous daily and year-round use (annual amount of grain processed over 50 000t).

Mepu-elevators A68-A118

Mepu elevators are made of galvanized steel and they convey the grain fast and reliably without damaging it. The elevators are manufactured in Finland.

The elevator structure is self-supporting. There are open belt pulleys in the head and bottom. Direct-drive gear motor is reliable in all conditions and almost maintenance-free. The design of the bottom allows maximum filling for the buckets – even with wet grain.

The elevator is easy to clean through large hatches. As an option, a pre-cleaner attached to the top part keeps the working area dust-free while conveying the grain.

Adjustable crop guide prevents grain from accessing back to elevator pipe. Replacement air comes through a gap on the intake pit inlet’s upper edge. Structure enhances significantly grain’s flow, and grain can be stored in the intake pit longer than usual.

Motor [kW]45.5/7.57,5
Belt width [mm]140170170
Cup amount [pcs / m]766
Cup size [mm]140180200
Elevator pipe [Ø mm]210280280
3-way divider [Ø mm]160200200

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