Inner cone silo 30° – a New Product from MEPU

Published 3.5.2024

The methodology of storing grains has always raised a series of questions and dilemmas. Whether to build a square silos or round silos? And if round silos, should they be flat-bottomed or conical? What about unloading and grain aeration? And which solution is the most economical? One thing is definite – all solutions must directly meet the requirements, and there is no singular option. It all depends on user needs and easiness of maintenance and unload.

Recently, we have added a product that changes the perception of grain storage silos. We are talking about flat-bottom silos with an inner cone. What is this combination of solutions? It involves utilizing the simplicity of the construction of flat-bottom silos with all their advantages and low cost, combined with the ease of operation through gravity discharge used in hopper bottom silos.

Inner cone silos are made of flat sheet metal and additionally equipped with air channels – as in traditional conical silos – or made of perforated metal sheet, ensuring grain aeration in the silo. An advantage of this solution is also the possibility of installing an internal cone in existing MEPU or other brand flat-bottom silos – of the same diameter, i.e.,4.8 m, 5.6 m, 6.4 m and 7,2 m.

Due to structural limitations, the maximum height of silos with an internal cone cannot exceed 14 layers.

The innovative application of an internal cone in flat-bottom silos provides the best price coefficient for 1 m3 of storage space and eliminates the need to install additional emptying devices (such as sweep augers) in flat-bottom silos, thus eliminating human labor.

Inner cone silos are constructed from corrugated hot-dip galvanized steel, with wall panels ranging in thickness from 1.25 to 2.00 mm and a hot-dip galvanizing strength of 275g/m². For special conditions, we can provide silos with galvanizing strengths of up to 600g/m². 

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